Knowing The Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

The three phase servo voltage stabilizer is designed for stabilizing the voltage of AC. Cutting edge technologies are used for its manufacturing and are considered ideal for the Indian weather conditions. 3 phase voltage stabilizer is ideal of maintaining voltage output in steady manner at times when power voltage fluctuations happen or there is variation in the current load.

When Compared with other types of voltage stabilizers, 3 phase servo staiblizer has certain advantage. It is high in capacity, efficiency with no wave distortion.  It comes with stable adjustment for voltage, perfect for managing immediate overload. Ideal for long period operation, and makes smooth shift from manual control to automatic control.

3 phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

                                                                3 phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer

This product is made available with in-built protection against high-voltage, excess current flow, failure of phase and as well as protection from phase sequence. All models of this servo voltage stabilizer are compact. The key feature is that it is light weight and also easy to install.

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Trust Stepon Powermac For Best Quality Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers

The Three phase Servo voltage stabilizers which are used most is actually a blend of 3 variants which comes with 3 servo motors, 3 buck with boot transformers and also 3 solid circuits for stat control. When you check the specifications of these voltage stabilizers then you will see that there are three single phase units having 1/3 capacity each which gets connected with a Star. The voltage output for all these three phases will vary from each other. The product is perfect for use in regional offices, malls, retail stores, data centres and for all types of heavy power work.

servo voltage stabilizer

servo voltage stabilizer

STEPON POWERMAC is one of the leading manufacturers of these three phase voltage stabilizers which are known for its excellent quality and service. It comes with Innovative design with exceptional quality of voltage regulation; it has rugged construction and durable for longer period of time. Three phase voltage variable is from 0 to 440 volts.

Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer – Stepon Powermac

At Stepon Powermac, we have always tried to make things that will pose beneficial for our elite clientele. This is evident as we launch our latest excellence of engineering, Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer. It is our guarantee that you would not have to seek any other option once you install this device to control the power fluctuation and huge power load in your work place.


Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

We have a team of very experienced professionals, who work from morning till night in an attempt to bring out the best in a machine. After they are designed, the machines are tested and re-tested several times in order to make sure that they pass the tests and be successful in giving you the best solutions in the context of frequent power fluctuations as a result, you can feel the difference in the form of low power consumption by your machines in your workplace. This automatically reduces the burden of huge electricity bills. Voltage Stabilizer is available easily at our store at attractive rates.

Open Motorized Dimmer

Stepon Powermac Electrical is pleased to introduce you the range of motorized dimmer. One of its types is Open Motorized Dimmer. It is used for the voltage correction. It is safer and sharper in functionality. We have mentioned the features that we include in this type of motorized dimmer.

10 amp 1-phase open motorised dimmer volt

Distinctive Features of Two Phase Open Motorized Dimmer:

  • The temperature increase is moderate.
  • It has a smooth control over output voltage.
  • It defines linear output voltage.
  • It possesses compact structure with solidity in it.
  • Our Two Phase Open Motorized Dimmer has high short times surge current capacity
  • It can give you voltage regulation in précised manner.

Our Open Motorized Dimmer is not just another motorized dimmer. All the attributes that our products are built with are highly functional for the long term use.

Stepon Powermac Pvt. Ltd. Three Phase Oil Cooled Dimmer

We are the elite manufacturer and supplier of Three Phase Oil Cooled Dimmer. It is one of the types of Dimmer. We keep on advancing the features to meet your latest demands and fulfill the future ones.


Our product consists of many functional devices such as brush arm and a movable carbon tip which slides on the commutator. It is a sharply constructed dimmer. Three Phase Oil Cooled Dimmer is used for the voltage correction in network power circuits. This hand operated dimmer is distinguished as per the specialized devices. It is specially used for three phase electric circuits.

We manufacture standard as well customized electronic goods. Any of your requirements will be apprehended in our organization and will be fulfilled within the shortest delivery time.


Refrigerator Efficiency Using Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Since inception, our company Stepon Powermac (India) Pvt Ltd has been a pioneering and reckoned manufacturer, supplier of prime quality Servo Voltage Stabilizer. We always focus on being the most reliable partner with our excellent products and services. Moreover, we have gained huge reputation in being one of the trusted servo voltage stabilizer manufacturer in India.

125 kva 3-phase oil-cooled servo stabilizers

Being in parallel with industry standards, we always strive to deliver products that are made with advanced and modern technology and that is the reason which makes us the remarkable Servo Voltage Stabilizer Supplier In India. Along with this, we also manufacture other range of products like Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer are used in various industries like cement plant, distilleries & beverage, food processing units, flour mills engineering, units, cold storage, hospitals & nursing home etc.  Today, our company has won the credibility of our vast number of clients due to our customer centric approach in manufacturing bespoke servo voltage stabilizer.

 Salient Feature

  • Accurately designed to minimize electricity bills.
  • Provides excellent results
  • Utilized largely in construction


Stepon Powermac Three Phase Closed Motorized Dimmer

One of the many motorized dimmer includes Three Phase Closed Motorized Dimmer. The quality twenty five years that we have spent in working and acquiring the knowledge has shaped us into one of the most experienced and reliable exporters of India. Our service is not only in India but also broadened at the international platform.

We manufacture Three Phase Closed Motorized Dimmer with distinct features. Due to which it becomes highly functional. Our motorized dimmer of this type can provide abrupt and acute voltage correction. It comes with the electric insulation property in it.

20 amp 1-phase closed diimer volt


Let us look at the application sectors.

  • It is widely used in research laboratories.
  • It is also used in measuring and testing devices.
  • Three Phase Closed Motorized Dimmer is used in electronic equipment.


You have the right to choose the better and smarter choice. You can make one right now by connecting with us.